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We evaluate each K9 before considering adoption. When adoption is an available option, many factors are considered before being placed. Some K9’s will be high drive dogs and will not be placed with cats, small animals, or children. We work hard to provide the best homes for our K9's. We make sure our K9’s are placed in a stable loving home. We provide enrichment to assure our dogs are happy and healthy, we spay/neuter, keep them up to date on vaccines, heartworm and flea and tick preventitives. We also try to provide for a holistic lifestyle for our dogs, as much as possible. We provide raw diet(which we encourge and will assist in learning) as well as kibble diet, so our dogs stomachs are use to different foods(for those adopters who wish to feed kibble). If adoption is not an option, those K9's will remain with K9 Up Project Free.
If you are interested in adopting a dog from K9 Up Project Free you must first fill out an adoption application which can be found under forms/applications on our website. Once you reach the forms/application section click on "fill out" and complete the application. When we review your application we will contact you about availability to set a date for a home visit(checking yard and where the k9 will spend most of his/her time) with the dog(s) you are interested in. When the dog is placed in your home the adoption contract will be signed and you pay the adoption fee.
For any questions e-mail wdk9upprojectfree@gmail.com



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