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K9 Up Project Free is a non-profit organization located in Kankakee, Illinois. The organization was created with two objectives:

1. To provide assistance to the U.S. retired military K9's, contract K9's, law enforcement K9's, or any working breed that needs placement. K9 Up Project Free provides K9's with transportation, medical assistance for both their mental and physical needs, adoption assistance, quality food, and enrichment programs.

2. To reduce recidivism. Providing rehabilitation programs for felons. Studies of K9's being trained by prisoners or felons has had huge successes. K9 Up Project Free aims to produce that success in our programs. Each felon will be taught how to give K9's quality care with dignity and respect. Ensuring for a smooth transition from kennel life, to home life.

The Midwest has a large amount of service K9's needing placement. K9 Up Project Free would like to accept all service K9's in need, reducing the number of service K9's euthanized or dumped in shelters, however, due to limited funds we are in need of more donations to make this possible. Please consider donating, many retired K9 heroes are counting on us.

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